Cut off saw shears IN TWO

Husqvarna K750 & K760 Incident

A recent incident occurred on a demolition site involving a Husqvarna disc cutter shearing in two. The cut off saw was being used to cut a brick wall when it kicked back and sheared on the shaft section. Thankfully no-one was injured as a result, however given the nature of these items the incident had the potential to cause injury.

A full investigation is being carried out with the Hire company and the manufacturer to identify the specific causes and the contributory factors. However it is worth noting that several historical incidents have occurred with these saws, each involving cracks to the drive head / crank case casting. 

Each incident can be attributed to saws dated back to those manufactured in 2014. The manufacturer has previously investigated in to the issue and as a result the manufacturer has subsequently made changes to the design / manufacture of the product. The Hire Association Europe and Event Hire Association (HAE EHA) have also issued previous alerts amongst the UK hire companies advising of the required action for hire companies.

The HAE EHA alerts are not publically available and this alert serves as an advisory note for all those outside of the HAE EHA that are supplied with or own Husqvarna saws manufactured in 2014. It is recommended that any 2014 saws in use are rigorously inspected for any signs of cracking to the drive head casting. Any cracks should be reported back to the manufacturer or the hire company.

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